Super Monster will be out October 1st

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Super Monster already has a release date! This is October 1st. The game will be available to download on App Store! This is an Universal game, so you will be able to download for any iOS device!

Many awesome features!

Super Monster is an awesome match-three puzzle game with beautiful graphics, sounds and many differents features!! Its very fun and really addictive!!

You have to match or swap two pieces on the board to form a line of three or more of the same-colored food cards. When you make a match the food bar increase! The goal is to fill this bar to feed the monster and complete the level. When you make many combos, special cards begin to appear. You can collect them to make special powers!! Reach top scores and complete achievements with GameCenter!!


  • James Wech September 16th, 2012 at 8:46am

    Gorgeous!! I like this kind of games!

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