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Trailer Gameplay

Super Monster is a funtastic match-three puzzle game! You will be able to enjoy many hours. It has colorful graphics and different modes to play. With Endless Mode you have to match all the cards you can in time! Your time will increase if you make combos and special powers. In Worlds Mode you can play different levels and unlock them to play more.


Swap the cards!

The monster is hungry! You have to match or swap two pieces on the board to form a line of three or more of the same card. You can match with selected cards to remove all the row. When you make a match the food bar increase! Fill this bar to feed the monster and complete the level.

Use the super powers!

When you make many combos, special cards begin to appear. You can collect them to make special powers!! Tap this fires and bombs!! Collect at least 20 fires or 10 bombs to make the powers

Collect all the coins you can!

Tap the coins and collect! Use this coins to research new cards in the lab. This will allow you to unlock new worlds and play more!!

Research new food cards!

Use the Research Lab to get new cards and unlock new worlds. Your goal is to tap and uncover the question mark cards. Sometimes you will find bomb explosions or new food cards. You need to buy with game coins the tries to uncover the cards.

Use the shop to buy more!

You will be able to buy more coins to play the game or buy special cards with coins you collected playing the game


Version History

Super Monster 1.0.0 October 1st 2012

This is the first release version we launched on AppStore. It was tested to work great with new iOS 6.0, iPhone 5 and next generations. Next updates will be available soon, stay tuned!

  • New Tested on iOS 6.0 and new iPhone 5.

Super Monster 1.0.1 October 28st 2012

Fixed some bugs.

  • Fixed App locked in some levels.

Super Monster 1.0.2 November 27st 2012

New Updates.

  • Misc Dificulty has been increased.

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